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The Sponsors’ Voice e.V. is an association of prestigious companies from Germany that have identified sponsorships as their key marketing tool, which they use extensively.

The practice of using sponsorships as a tool has seen substantial professionalisation over the past few years, especially in sport, culture and social affairs. In Germany alone, companies invest around EUR 3.5 billion in sports sponsorship every year – and this figure is on the rise. At S20, our mission is to play an active role in the collaboration between the holders and users of rights, to create synergies and to represent our views to other interest groups while speaking with a unified voice.

Our members are constantly setting trends in digitalisation and technology and implementing best practices in all areas of sponsorship. Their long-term involvement in this field has given them extensive expertise, which they pool together to examine issues relating to innovations and trends, corporate responsibility, science and legal matters.

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